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COVID Safe Catering; Keeping You Safe and Well Fed!

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

We've put some extra measures in place to ensure everyone remains safe because we're not letting COVID get in the way of a good ChilliDogs feast!

From day 1 we've always been proud owners of a 5 star hygiene rating and our 'gold standard' processes have even featured in Westminster council's food safety training! However, we've upped our game even more to make sure everyone's kept safe & you can hire ChilliDogs with confidence.

Touch Points

We have reduced the number of touch points the guests have with us, for example, we now put all the chosen sauces on for each guest and include napkins and cutlery in the box we hand over.


ChilliDogs have always been very efficient at serving large numbers, so as to minimise any queuing. On top of this, we now extend our serving time where appropriate and stagger guests to prevent any gatherings of large numbers of people. If appropriate, we can mark out 2m spaces for customers to stand whilst waiting for their food.


We operate a clean-as-you go policy whereby we use BSEN 1276 certified (and eco-friendly) disinfectants and sanitisers on a continual basis to ensure our workspace is always clean.

We also deep clean the van and equipment after every event.


If any member of staff present with any symptoms, they are asked not to attend work until they have either self-isolated for 14 days or have test results showing negative for the virus.

All staff are given appropriate PPE to wear when working to include aprons, gloves and masks.

Track & Trace

If any of our staff who worked at your event are diagnosed with COVID-19 we will alert you straight away.


We are very particular about the suppliers we use and we have made sure they too are adhering to the current recommended health and safety guidelines.

We are also constantly updating our terms and conditions so as to minimise the risk to you if you have to cancel or postpone your event due to changes in legislation. We want everyone feeling safe and confident when booking us.

Looking for a trustworthy, conscious, COVID safe catering company? Check out our catering services. #StaySafe

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