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It has taken us years to find a group of suppliers who share our values and ethics.


We want to work with other small independent producers where we know the money is going where it is deserved. It is important for us that all our suppliers share our quality standards as well as having the flexibility, experience and skill to adapt what they can offer.

We are extremely proud to be showcasing these extremely talented and hardworking small producers who put their heart and soul into the food they produce. Read a bit about some of them below.

RARE & PASTURE  (formerly Native Breeds)


Graham and Ruth started Rare & Pasture from rearing a few pigs as a hobby. The quality of the products they produced has led them to becoming one of Britain’s leading charcutiers.


They are passionate about using Britain’s native and rare breed animals. All their hot dogs contain zero e-numbers, artificial additives, processing aids, gluten, synthetic smoke, sulphites, phosphates or added nitrates/nitrites. 

They are dedicated to remaining small-scale, perpetuating a crafted approach and striving to make excellent charcuterie.


A lovely couple with great values.

Graham & Ruth Native Breeds.jpg



Kevin set-up Westside back in 1979 from a shop in Spittal Street Marlow. His reputation for quality soon grew and the queue of customers could be seen daily along Spittal Street.

He expanded into a farm shop in 1981 and since then has continued to supply top restaurants and discerning customers throughout Buckinghamshire and beyond.

His honest, hardworking approach has built him a loyal customer base. Kevin's sole objective has always been to supply the best quality produce at the best value for his customers.


We love working with Kevin!

One of ChilliDogs dedicated suppliers. Kevin from Westside fruit



Lacey's has been a favourite of ours both personally and professionally for a while now. The quality of their meat and milk is second to none, as is their commitment to traditional, local farming and preserving our beautiful countryside in South Bucks.


We source our beef mince (for our chilli) & our burgers from Lacey's, all of which comes from the cows on their farm which we see grazing happily each time we pop in to collect. They are now into their 7th generation of 'Lacey' farmers and its thanks to guys like these that we still have genuine, sustainable and local farm shops in our community.

If you haven't tried their milk, get on it, it is the real deal and reminds you of what the white stuff should taste like!





Natural Bread was set-up by Claire and her late husband William, inspired by a shared love of food. Her passion lies in her quest to make bread as natural as possible with as few ingredients as necessary.

They use a slow fermentation technique, letting the sourdough starter do its job over 48 hours. They also roll and knead every single loaf by hand. Although this takes considerable skill and time, it creates an undeniably superior product.


Claire and her team are hardworking, reliable and love what they do.

Claire from Natural Bread.jpg



Mundayville logo.png

We've had the pleasure of working with Paul from pretty much the beginning of ChilliDogs. His design expertise has helped us develop our brand to where it is now.

Paul has worked on delivering design concepts for a broad range of accounts including Orange, T-mobile, Domino’s Pizza, BP, Royal Opera House, Coca Cola, KFC, oh and little old ChilliDogs!

We feel very lucky to have Paul on our 'team'. His creative, patient and fun approach means he just nails it every time.

Paul M.jpg
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