Our food truck is available to rent empty to be used as a prop or backdrop on a TV or film set.

Our modern black van is very versatile and can be adapted to meet your needs.

It has an extra wide hatch, minimal branding, state-of-the-art cooking equipment, roof rack and more, making it an extremely flexible prop. 

Our van can also be hired without food or a chef, to be used as a promotional vehicle or branded advertising tool.

We can hire our cool catering van to wherever you need it in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, London and the rest of the UK. Get in touch to check our availability and get a quote.

Check out a video of our food van here!

Chilli 02.jpg


If you were to dry hire our catering van, the following would be included.


Please note, you may be required to provide your own insurance to cover the rental.

  • Completely unique modern black catering van

  • Full fitted mobile kitchen to include:

    • 100cm Chrome LPG Grill​

    • Lincat Double Fryer

    • Bain Marie

    • Fridge

    • Large Serving Hatch

    • Automatic Hot Hand Wash

    • And more!

  • Solar-powered self charging van (may need to be hooked up to power source if using for long periods)

  • 'Love at first bite' neon sign

  • Drop down speakers and sound system

  • Customisable menu

  • Opportunity to re-brand catering van

  • User manual and on-going support during rental

We also have a range of cooking equipment and utensils which can be hired out. Just let us know what you're after.


Catering Van on Filmset

If you're looking for a state-of-the-art food truck to feature in your next film, TV or advert, we've got you covered!

These photos are from a recent You Tube feature collab with Adidas and Manchester Utd. In under an hour, it was transformed in to 'The Devil's Kitchen' with a new top sign and menu.

Our van has minimal branding so can easily be made to suit the requirements of your production. If required, we can also help re-wrap the entire van to reflect a completely different style to fit with your filming.

The van can be dropped off and collected from the set and a member of staff can also stay to be on hand if required. We have put together a comprehensive User Manual to make hiring and using our van nice and straightforward.