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3 Unforgettable Ideas To Welcome Back Your Team In Style

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Let Your Team Know How Much You’ve Missed Them With These Fun Ideas to Incentivise Your Team When Your Office Re-opens

#1 Bacon & Bucks Fizz

What better way to start the day than with a juicy bacon butty and a glass of Bucks Fizz. Treating your staff to something different that they wouldn’t usually have at home, is a nice way to make them feel positive about being back in the office. This is always a great way to let them know you care and appreciate them. It also provides a great way to fuel their day ahead!

If you don’t have kitchen facilities in your office, you can get the breakfast butties delivered fresh and even the bubbly on ice!

Here at ChilliDogs, we do an epic Breakfast Hot Dog comprising a nitrite-free hot dog in a brioche roll topped with creamy scrambled egg, smoked bacon chunks, chives & chipotle mayo - worth turning up to work on time for!

#2 Desk Decorations

Transform your office into an insta-worthy uplifting space by decorating each employee’s desk (you may need to enlist a few helpers for this one!).

We’re talking balloons, banners and bunting! Don’t forget to keep the colours on-brand!

You could even have individual 'party bags' on each desk to include things such as sweets, a desk plant, stress reliever toys and fancy stationery. You could even include more practical COVID-related items such as mini hand sanitiser bottles and individual sachets of coffee and tea.

Why not include an individual hand-written note, welcoming them back to the office and acknowledging any important life events that may have happened whilst they were away. That big 50 b'day isn't going to pass by unnoticed after all!

You could even put together a fun quiz to encourage people to get talking and catch up. Questions such as ‘Who dressed up as the planet Pluto in a bit to home school their child?’ could add a bit of much needed humour into the mix.

#3 Al Fresco Lunch

Whilst in the office, new layouts and procedures may mean it’s not as easy as it previously was for staff to socialise. So why not get everyone together outside at lunchtime in a ‘safer’ environment where it will be easy for teams to mingle whilst keeping a safe distance.

Treat them to an indulgent lunch from a mobile caterer or street food van who can pull up in your car park and teams can come up individually to collect their food. A menu such as gourmet burgers and hot dogs with choices for all dietary requirements would serve as a tasty, filling treat that can be served in individual boxes

The lure of tasty street food should get everyone rushing back to the office!

Here at ChilliDogs, we can offer a tempting menu with options for vegans and those with big appetites! We can pull up our Covid-secure food truck and guests can come up to collect their individually packaged menu item and enjoy al fresco whilst catching up on lost time with colleagues.

Get in touch for a free menu suggestion and quote today.

N.B We are currently offering a 100% money back guarantee covering you for any cancellations or amends due to changes in COVID regulations, so you can book us today with confidence.


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