• Steph Ley

What is a chilli dog?

Updated: Apr 19

Are chilli dogs spicy? What’s in the sausage? What goes on top? Are some questions we get asked on a near weekly basis.

This blog post is here to answer all your questions you’ve ever pondered about the good ole chilli dog.

A chilli dog, or a chili dog if you’re American, is simply a hot dog, in a bun, topped with beef chilli con carne. The majority of chilli dogs, particularly in America, the hot dog itself is just a standard frankfurter and there is much debate over what sort of chilli con carne goes on top. Beans or no beans? Saucy or meaty? Are raw onions ok?

Selection of chilli dogs, chili dogs and chilli cheese dogs, gourmet hot dogs
Our take on the American classics Chilli Dogs and Chilli Cheese Dogs

After many hours/days/weeks of experimenting with different hot dog recipes, various chilli con carnes and several bread suppliers, we have come up with what we believe to be the perfect combo chilli dog.

Our chilli dog comprises the below:

  • One of our signature, handcrafted British native breed pork hot dogs with No Nitrates added fillers or preservatives, just a selection of carefully chosen spices.

  • Topped with 8-hour slow cooked grass-fed beef chilli con carne with just the right about of rich sauce

  • In a fresh brioche roll made with natural ingredients you can count on one hand

  • Topped with crispy fried onions and a mix of red and green pickled jalapeños

Check out our video showing step-by-step what makes up our chilli dog!

So what is a chilli cheese dog I hear you cry?

Ok so actually, the above video shows what a chilli cheese dog is. That’s because we think, if you’re going to do it, you might as well go the whole hog and top your chili dog off with a sumptuous coating of our real cheese fondue.

In case you’re wondering, what crazy chemicals we put in the cheese to make it that luminous yellow colour, it is turmeric. Yes, the nation’s new favourite anti-inflammatory superfood is in our chilli cheese dog. All the more reason to get lashings of that cheesy goodness on your dog!

Are chilli dogs spicy?

Not necessarily. Contrary to popular belief chilli dogs aren’t spicy.

The chilli in the name refers to the chilli con carne which goes on top of the hot dog and not to the amount of spice.

With our chilli dogs, we make our chilli nice and mild and give you the option of spicing things up with jalapeños and our chilli sauce. From delicate to daring, we don’t judge.