• Steph Ley

Office Summer Party Catering Ideas

Updated: Mar 15

When it comes organising this years work's Summer Party, you want to be offering your team something that gets people talking and not your standard office lunch buffet that's associated with meetings that drag on too long. Let's get dreaming about those long sunny afternoons where everyone (even your boss) seems that little bit cheerier!

Our top food ideas for corporate summer events

Interactive. Because people get bored easily.

Increasingly so, people like to actually see their food being cooked and prepared. There has been a huge surge in restaurants opting for open kitchens as restauranters are combining the cooking as part of the dining experience. People like to understand where their meal has come from as well as it adding visual entertainment to the catering experience, This may go someway to explaining why BBQs and hog roasts have always been a winner when it comes to summer catering.

We feel watching the food being cooked fresh is an important part of the experience and theatre. Even when we were designing our food truck, one of our main aims was for the grill to be as visible as possible so we thought carefully about its size, position and the size of the hatch, We love people asking questions about our food and it just makes it a more of fun experience for both sides!

Opting for food such as BBQs, burgers, hot dogs or spit roast chicken, where seeing the cooking is part of the experience, adds another exciting element to the catering, again involving the guests as much as possible.

New Trends. Because if its not new, i'm not interested!

People love talking about new places they've eaten or new recipes they've tried at home. It is always a great way to get these 'foodies' excited about your event by incorporating some new food trends at your summer party. This could be something as simple as having the most jaw-dropping vegan dish that

even the meat-eaters can't resist, or perhaps offering a dish with 'up-coming' ingredients such as seaweed, kiwicha seeds or even CBD oil!

These don't have to stop at foods, we've recently discovered an amazing berry kombucha drink that is a great gut-friendly alternative to alcohol.

It is also a good idea to consider how the food is going to be displayed. Super colourful and interesting sharing platters are very popular now, and again another good way to engage all your guests' senses.

Casual Dining. Because people love to be free-range.

Often guests like to eat at their own pace at an event. You'll always get the eager ones who prioritise eating over anything else! You'll then get others who would prefer to have as many mojitos as it acceptable, an inappropriate conversation with their manager and a cheeky flirt with their co-worker before realising they should perhaps have something to soak it all up!