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Food Trends Predicted for 2020

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Move over nut milks and poke bowls, here's our reflections on what's set to grow in the world of food & eating for 2020.

As a qualified nutritional therapist and food business owner, I love to keep up with new food trends and trying these out in our menus. As 2020 is officially here, I thought I would do a blog post of what food trends I predict will grow in the coming 12 months. I’d love to know your thoughts, feel free to comment below.

Eco-conscious eating

The sharp rise in veganism as we’ve experienced first hand with the popularity of our vegan hot dogs is a sure sign that people are becoming more aware about how what they eat impacts the environment. The sustainability of plant-based food as well as the positive health implications are resulting in a lot of people choosing to put veg centre stage and opting for meat on more one-off occasions.

Vegan hot dog, Plant based street food

And it’s not just the skinny minnie millennials choosing our vegan options, far from it – we get as many middle aged men, rocking the dad bod, opting for our vegan delights! I feel 2020 will see an increase in the creativity and accessibility of meat-free options for us all to feast in!

When it comes to the ‘rubbish’ associated with eating, I feel more people are not just going to be bringing their own carrier bags and coffee cups but this will extend to bowls and cutlery, as people are starting to shun single-use catering disposables. Bring it on I say!
reusable cutlery, bring your own cutlery
BYO Cutlery, the new handbag essential!

And I really hope the increase in organic foods sales increase as this is such as great way of enjoying food at its best both nutritionally, taste-wise and environmentally. I’m hoping we will see the cost of organic food decrease slightly as more farmers are switching to this method.

We're pleased to say that and all our pork dogs are from a single highly sustainable farm with a true focus on exemplary animal welfare. As far as we are aware, they are also the only nitrite-free hot dogs in the UK!

JERF- Just Eat Real Food!

If there was one thing someone wanted to do to improve the food they ate, I’d say it was to live the JERF way! I’m talking no additives, refined foods, fillers, preservatives, ‘fake’ foods and overly processed foods. You should be able to envisage how your food was grown and eat it as close to this state as possible.

Less is more when it comes to ingredients! We are very conscious as to what goes into our food and choose suppliers who agree that less is more.

Let me EATertain you!

Eating is more than just re-fuelling. People now love to have an ‘experience’ as part of their meal. Whether this be watching their food being cooked live, being immersed in a theme or learning about the inspiration behind each dish, we love to get involved!

As people are looking to spend more of their money on experiences rather than ‘things’, it is up to food companies such as ours to make eating into a memorable & importantly sociable occasion.

Dining experiences such as Gingerline’s Chambers of Flavours, are great examples of how food and theatre can be combined to create a surprising immersive, interactive experience.

Magic Mushrooms

From reishi to lions mane, the weird and wonderful world of mushrooms I feel is one we are only just starting to explore.

Boasting an array of proposed immune boosting, to cancer fighting properties, these little ‘fun-guys’ sure have a place in our increasingly health focused, plant-based diets.

Along with their rich taste, mushrooms have that unique texture that no other vegetable can boast. This makes it a great meat-alternative and something I think you will see popping up on more menus.

Chicken of the Woods is one of my personal favs, as its texture and taste is uncannily similar to chicken. Give it a go in stews, satays or stir frys and see if you agree!

Start getting to know your shiitakes from your chanterelles as I reckon these magic guys will be trouncing all over avocados in 2020!
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