• Steph Ley

Hacks for catering for large groups!

Updated: Mar 15

So you've got a lot of mouths to feed? This means lot of people to keep happy, all with different tastes appetites and dietary requirements. With these sometimes overwhelming numbers, you may also be worrying about working it all in to your budget and time period.

Don't panic, here are our top tips for catering for groups of 200+ people, and keeping every stomach satisfied!

Be Clever with your Cuisine

One of the initial things you need to decide on is what kind of food you want to make available. If you pick wisely, you can cover a lot of bases within just one type of cuisine. You want is exciting yet accessible, with options for the more health-conscious as well as those with "get in my belly" appetites!

Foods such as Mexican, American BBQ and modern takes on well-loved classics such as burgers and hot dogs actually tick a lot of boxes. They offer your guests something everyone is familiar with but with options to add in unbelievable flavours that people won't forget in a hurry.

For example, with an American BBQ inspired menu you can offer your universally popular cheese burger with all the trimmings as well as tempting vegan options such as BBQ pulled jack fruit with sweetcorn salsa or smoky beans.

You want to aim for 3-4 menu options, keeping it fairly simple but also having something that will appeal to every single one of your guests. Going solely with something like pizza or Thai food already alienates a few.

And of course, without being bias, we think hot dogs are a great shout. You can keep them super simple if you have children to feed and you can make them, super special by adding tempting toppings such as beef brisket or truffle mayo.

Things to consider when choosing cuisine:

  • Do they offer decent vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options?

  • Are they easy to eat with minimal cutlery and seating?

  • Is there enough choice?

  • Is the menu simple enough for guests to order and be served in a matter of seconds?

Keep It Casual

One of the main issues people find with catering for large groups is finding and creating a suitable space for everyone to eat.

Our advice is to skip any sort of seating plan and actually skip formal seating all together. Instead, offer a more casual dining experience for your guests where they can come up and get their food whenever they fancy and enjoy it with whoever they like, wherever they like.

event catering large groups seating area with hay bales