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5 Catering Ideas for Your Post Lockdown Party!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Inspiration for feeding your family & friends when we can all finally meet again.

Whilst we are all sitting in, watching the world go by on our laptops and phones, it’s easy for us to feel low as we miss seeing our family and friends – Facetime just isn’t quite cutting it. Why not take a few minutes to dream up your perfect re-union celebration? I’m thinking all your besties in the garden, mojito in hand, barbie wafting in the background.

Here’s some of our ideas of how you can give your guests a well-deserved over due feast!

Sharing Platters

Whilst cosying up on the sofa with your other half and tucking into a some comfort food may have been a special treat, it has now become all too familiar for many of us.

Let’s embrace the joy of sharing with others and lay out a delectable spread for everyone to tuck into and share.

I’m thinking tear & share focaccia, a big honey-roasted ham joint and plenty of bits and bobs to dip. You could also share the work and ask guests to bring their favourite childhood party dish!

BBQ chef, garden Oxfordshire for hire
Get the BBQ loaded up!

Gourmet BBQ

BBQs were meant for big gatherings so let’s make up for lost time with the biggest and best BBQ you’ve ever had! Why not make it a 3-course affair with grilled prawns & chorizo to start, followed by a whole spatchcock chicken for mains with a grilled pineapple for dessert. Let’s just hope this sun lasts longer than COVID-19!

Sushi Rainbow There’s not many things that taste better pre-prepared than homemade but for me sushi is one of these. I’m not talking supermarket sushi, I’m talking, the freshest, most delicate sushi you can takeout from specialist sushi restaurants. The ones that are all sadly closed. I know I can’t wait to get my hands on some pretty dragon rolls or fresh sashimi. If they are anything like mine, your family and friends will love tucking in to a rainbow spread of all their fav. sushi.

Street Food Van

Why not take the hassle out of your party catering, but not the excitement, with a food truck. Pick

your menu and watch the delight on your guests’ faces as the van pulls up, opens the hatch and cooks up some tempting treats in your garden! Our new food van is fully pimped out and our chef can put together a menu with all the foods you’ve been missing!

Sweet Dreams

A sure-fire way to get your guests smiling is with an array of sweet treats. How about a Donut Wall for kids and adults alike to help themselves to, an ice cream bar with a selection of toppings or even hire a candyfloss machine – all the fun of the fair in your back garden!

Donut Wall for garden party
Donut leave your guests hanging without a sweet treat!

Why not let us put together your dream menu and serve up a feast to your family and friends. Get in touch for a free menu recommendation and quote.

In the meantime, look after each other. #StaySafe #StaySane #StayWellFed

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