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From hot dogs and chilli dogs, to BBQ brisket and mac’n’cheese, we can bring the popular American dishes to your party, all with our quality, street food twist.


Whether you are organising a Fourth of July knees up or a New York style birthday party, you can rely on us to serve the best foods from across the pond to bring fun and flavour to your event.


BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

Our speciality is of course the humble hot dog. This popular American classic has been the number one choice for Americans when it comes to party food for over 120 years and it is by no means declining in popularity. During the last 5 years, the hot dog has seen a recent revival with the surge in popularity of gourmet hot dogs or ‘haute’ dogs, with a vast range of toppings, from pulled meats to caramelised pop corn! 












We pride ourselves on offering you what we genuinely believe to be the best hot dog you can get your hands on. Using just 100% premium British pork and a special selection of spices and seasonings, our dogs contain no gluten, fillers, preservatives or even nitrates.


We offer your guests a choice of toppings and sauces, so everyone can have their dog made up to their exact liking. Want a simple option for children? No problem – meat, bun and ketchup is all that’s needed for a tasty and nutritious meal.


Real Deal Chilli Dogs. If you want to go the whole hog, American-style, why

not offer your guests the chance to try one of our signature Chilli Dogs or

Chilli Cheese Dogs. This comprises one of our signature hot dogs in a brioche

roll topped with slow-cooked beef chilli con carne, real cheese fondue, crispy

onions & jalapeños. This is one to keep your guests well fed and stomachs

lined, for a good few hours!


We can also create a vegan chilli dog made with our seitan beechwood

smoked hot dog in a ciabatta roll topped with our smoky black bean chilli,

crispy onions & jalapeños. No-one is left out of the fun here!

Gourmet hot dog with a range of toppings.
Close up of ChilliDogs gourmt hot dog with crispy fried onions
Cuban style hot dog with ham hock and swiss cheese
Chilli Dogs and Chilli Cheese Dog, American style catering


Mac’n’Cheese Baby!

Everyone loves the comforting, rich,  creaminess of macaroni cheese.

We can offer this as a side dish to accompany a main meal or we can

make this into the main event itself, with the additions of favs such as

smoked bacon lardons or broccoli & truffle oil. Gluten-free option available!


BBQ Meats to get the Juices Flowing


Americans love firing up the BBQ and we’re with them on this one! We can offer BBQ beef brisket in a fresh brioche bun loaded with house slaw and pickles. Or mix it up with peri peri chicken, pulled pork or our vegetarian favourites; beetroot falafel burgers or maple-glazed grilled halloumi.


Don’t Forget the Side of Fries


No American party would be complete without a side helping of chips. We can offer our skin-on fries, simply seasoned or with tempting toppings such as our real cheese fondue or chilli con carne.


Meet our Donut Wall


The donut is a real American party (or breakfast!) staple and our Donut Wall offers a great dessert solution. Each guest can come up at their leisure to help themselves to a fresh iced ring donut. Simple, fun and oh so tempting!


Mac'n'Cheese, macaroni cheese, gourmet mac and cheese
American style cheesg burger with BBQ pulled pork, gourmet street food burger
Donut Wall for hire

These are just some menu suggestions but our experienced chef can create a menu to suit your event needs, whether you are looking for a gourmet cheese burger, nachos, burritos or buffalo chicken wings, we can do it all!

Just get in touch, let us know what you’re after and we’ll send over our menu ideas to really bring the tastes of America to your event.

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