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Behind the Scenes: Our Smoked Peri Peri Chicken

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

So we thought it was about time we started showing you a bit of what goes on behind the scenes at ChilliDogs. One of our popular 'non-dog' options for party catering is our chef's peri peri chicken. We don't take the easy option with this one. We marinate our free-range chicken for over 12 hours before smoking it over cherry wood for a flavour that just can't be achieved in any indoor oven.

Here's how we do peri peri chicken, ChilliDogs style....

Gathering the fresh ingredients

To make the marinade we used some of our homegrown chillies (spiciness tbc!) along with garlic, red pointed peppers, tomatoes, paprika, red onions, lemon & seasoning. We blitzed this up and left the boneless chicken thighs to bathe in it overnight, min. 12 hours.

Marinading peri peri chicken
Get the fire started...

We use cherry wood as the base of the fire and this time decided to add a bit of extra flavouring to the water in the form of bay leaves, lemon and chillies - you can't OD on flavour right?! Now to let the smoker get up to temperature.

Meat + Smoke = Flavour

This needs to be a hot one. Only once the smoker has reached 170C, it's time to put the chicken in, brushing on any remaining marinade. Don't want to be wasting any of the good stuff!

We then leave the chicken to smoke for around 4 hours, keeping a regular eye on the temperature.

This would work just as well on a normal BBQ, just adjust the timings.

Release the beast

The wait is over, time to get the meat out before slicing a couple of pieces and checking the taste, temp. and texture. So succulent with such a deep smoky flavour.

When cooking in this fashion, with the meat separated from the flames, you won't get much of a bark on the meat, just lovely juicy chicken. If you really want a proper 'dirty bird' just chuck a few pieces straight onto the warm coals at the end!

Chef likes his dirty...

Fancy a taste of this at your next event? Get in touch and we'll put together a finger licking package just for you!

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