Don't Panic, They're Organic! Why we made the change to only using organic pork hot dogs.

Updated: Feb 29

Whilst we’d dabbled in the world of organic hot dogs for a while; trying out different suppliers and recipes, we felt we couldn’t quite justify the price difference.

However, when we took a step back to really evaluate what impact we wanted our business to have, we felt it was only right that we stuck by our values and made the switch to use only organic pork hot dogs.

If the little guy doesn’t make the change, how can we can’t expect other people to!

For us it was all about knowing where our meat comes from, the quality of life the animal has had and the wider reaching impact of farming. With the rise in veganism, we want to give people the option of choosing meat that they can be assured has been reared in the most respectful and sustainable way possible.

Taste testing our organic dog

Not only this, but the feedback we were getting from our organic dogs was spot on. Comments such as “you can really taste the quality of the meat” and “it tastes like pork should taste” were being heard repeatedly.

Here at ChilliDogs we love the real, deep juicy taste the organic dogs offer but thought we should see what our diverse customer base thought. We carried out taste testing sessions with a wide range of people, from children who like to keep it simple to our dedicated chilli cheese fans. To our delight, the feedback was positive all round.

It was then we knew we had to follow our hearts and change supplier full time to our organic hot dog supplier, Native Breeds who have recently joined forces with Helen Browning's.

But what does organic actually mean?

Organic means working with nature, not against it. To be certified organic, producers must adhere to strict standards which are inspected every year.

The standards cover areas such as the space & conditions the animals are raised in, the food they are given and the medicines they receive. It also lays out strict guidelines as to what happens to things such as waste, resources and how the surrounding land is treated.

When it comes to pig farming, here are just a few examples of these uncompromising standards:

  • Pigs are always kept in family groups with free access to fields.

  • Tail docking (cutting off of their tails) is banned on organic farms – it is believed over 80% of non-organic producers carry out this practice to prevent bored and unhappy pigs, shut up in sheds, from biting the tails of the pigs they are confined with.

  • Nose-ringing is banned allowing the pigs to carry out their natural rooting behaviour.

  • Pregnant pigs are free to roam and display their natural maternal instincts as the use of farrowing crates (small metal cages) is banned, unlike on all non-organic farms.

  • All antibiotics that are deemed critically important for human health are banned.

This all results in higher levels of animal welfare and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment – this means more wildlife!

So, why are organic hot dogs better?

Better Taste. The pigs are fed an all-natural diet, only consuming organic food themselves which results in a deep, ‘real’ meaty taste you simply don’t get from other hot dogs. Our pigs are left to forage on herb-rich grass, acorns, apples and leftover root veg

Better for your Health. The nutritional make-up of organic pork is different, with less saturated fat, more beneficial omega-3 fats and higher levels of antioxidants. Organic meat also has significantly lower levels of antibiotics and trace heavy metals

Better for your Conscience. By choosing organic pork, you can guarantee the pig has been reared in comfortable, natural surroundings which have allowed them to be free to roam and express their natural instinctive behaviour such as rooting, nesting and playing.

You can also scoff up knowing you’ve helped to nurture the surrounding wildlife.

More about our organic hot dogs

  1. Championing British Saddlebacks. All our pork dogs come from native breed saddleback pigs which are known for their friendly nature, great maternal instincts and foraging skills. They also taste damn good too!

  2. No Nitrites Here. Nearly all hot dogs in the UK contain nitrites which help preserve the meat and give it a salty taste and pink colour. However, when exposed to high heat, they can turn into compounds called nitrosamines which have been strongly linked to cancer. We're proud to say our dogs contain zero nitrites.

  3. Clean Label Hot Dogs. Apart from top quality cuts of organic meat and our secret organic herb and spice mix (which also acts as preservatives), there is nowt else in our dogs. No gluten, no fillers, no artificial colours, flavour enhancers and certainly no nitrites, allowing our dogs to be classed as clean-label.

  4. Made with love by Pig Pioneers. All our pork comes from Eastbrook farm run by Helen Browning, who is one of the UK's leading pioneers in organic farming. Her and her team have a particular passion for pigs and when visiting the farm you soon realise just how pampered these pigs are!

“what motivates me more than anything is allowing our animals to have as good a life as possible.” Helen Browning

Helen Browning and her happy pigs!

Have we convinced you yet? When you taste the richness and feel the smoothness of our pork dogs, we’re sure you’ll be an organic convert too!