• Inspiration for using our

    Mexican Dried Chillies

    Get your hands on our dried chillies & start bringing a flavour punch to your food. Here are some of our ideas for using the dried chillies, either crushed into flakes or as a paste. Instructions on making the paste are included with every order, along with our 'not-so-secret' chilli con carne recipe.

    Life's too short for bland food.


    Smoky Chilli Sauce. Chipotle Mayo. Salsa. Enchilada Sauce.


    Spiced Almonds. Focaccia. Smoky Sweet Potato Wedges.


    Brownies. Choc Truffles. Chilli & Mango Tart. Smoky Nut Butter.


    Chilli Con Carne. BBQ Pulled Pork. Chilli Roast Chicken. Fajitas. Fish Tacos. Avocado Quesadillas. Black Bean Chilli. Huevos Rancheros. Smoky Mash. Ancho Butternut Soup.

  • Share Your Chilli Creations

    We'd love to hear how you use your dried chillies to de-bland your life.

    Feel free to ask any questions here about our chillies too!

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