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The V-Dog is in town – ChilliDogs’ vegan hot dog

Don't eat things with faces? Give our vegan dog a go.

It has take us months to find a vegan hot dog that we were proud to serve alongside our other dogs and we have finally found the one!


Introducing our V-dog. Our vegan-friendly hot dog is made primarily from seitan which is a protein-packed meat substitute made from wheat gluten.


Seitan has been used in Asian cooking for centuries and is still used in a whole range of vegetarian and vegan dishes such as Peking ‘mock duck’.


Traditionally, seitan was the product of rinsing and cooking wheat dough to remove the starch, leaving a protein-dense substance that turned out to be an excellent meat alternative.


Seitan is extremely high in protein (75g per 100g) and low in carbohydrates making it a good option for staying fuller for longer!


Due to its dense nature, we found that seitan was one of the best meat alternatives for a hot dog as it mimics the texture a lot better than many other plant-based substitutes.


We have been experimenting with a variety of toppings to complement the herby taste of the sausage. Our favourite at the moment is crunchy slaw and chimichurri sauce, which give a great texture and a kick of fresh flavours.


Fancy adding some plant-based goodness to your event? We can add our vegan dog alongside our other hot dogs to your menu or you can choose to have a completely vegan party, offering these dogs with various toppings and why not add our black bean chilli nachos too!

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