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How do you eat yours?

5 ways to tackle the chilli dog

So one of the most common things people ask when presented with one of our fully-loaded chilli dogs is 'How am i going to eat that?!'. Well here's our top 5 tactics for maximum enjoyment and minimum spillage.

  • The 'posh' - grab a fork, find a seat and proceed to spoon off the toppings until you're left with a manageable hot dog you can enjoy with no danger of 'overflow'.
  • The wise man - grab a napkin (be prepared), ask someone to hold your pint (2 hands required), choose the most weighted side (it's all about the angle) take a deep breath and enjoy the momentous occasion.  
  • The hungry man - open wide and hope for the best. White t-shirts are best left at home. 
  • The sharer - ask to be halved, hand one half over to envious onlooker, enjoy, order another (there is no we in chillidog)
  • The show stopper - all in one, no stopping (takes some practise)
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