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Hot dogs' perfect partner

The truth about crispy onions

To fry for. How to make your own crispy onions

The crispy sweetness of fried onions makes them the ultimate in hot dog toppings. Here's how to create your own at home. All you need it onions, salt, flour and plenty of oil.

1) Peel and very finely slice the onions - a mandolin make this really easy.

2) Salt liberally with Maldon and ideally leave for an hour or so.

3) Toss in plain flour then shake off excess - we use a colander to do this.

4) Get your fry on - fry in super hot oil (180C) for around 2 mins until golden.

5) Drain off excess oil and place in an oven on low heat (100C) for around 30 minutes to really crisp up nicely.

6) Load up your dogs and enjoy the crunchy goodness - or eat like crisps as we often do!

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