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4 things you probably didn’t know

about ChilliDogs' sausages

  1. They can be eaten raw! – as they are cured and smoked twice over natural Beechwood chippings, our hot dogs can (similar to ham) be eaten uncooked – though smokin’ hot is the way we prefer them!
  2. They are gluten free – not a single bread crumb is added to bulk these bad boys out, they come naturally hench, made from just quality pork, secret spices and seasoning - even the casings are completely natural.
  3. Each sausage is individually tied by hand – hence why you find the odd vertically challenged hot dog in the mix!
  4. You can’t buy them anywhere else – our sausages are made just for us so catch them when you can! They are styled on the Polish Kiełbasa weselna which were traditionally given to guests at weddings to sober them up! 
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