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5 Things to consider when booking street food catering for your event

Because we learnt the hard way!

Street food can be a brilliant option for feeding lots of hungry mouths at events when you want a more informal, exciting feel such as festival-style weddings, office summer BBQs, or any sort of garden party. It allows people to eat at their own pace, with people they choose to and means you don't need to worry about supplying lots of tables, chairs and cutlery.

However, there are a few things to consider before booking your favourite street food trader. Here are our 5 tips on what to consider before booking street food catering for your event.

  1. What access do they have? If everything has to be carried through a narrow garden gate, that 4x4 truck or mammoth smoker you had in mind may not be viable. If there is a fair distance to carry equipment with no access for vehicles, this may prove an issue for many traders. However, there will be those with smaller, pop-up set-ups who may be happy to set-up and serve wherever you like! We've traded in many obscure locations from the smallest of gardens to car parks on a hill!
  2. Will they have access to power? It is always a good idea to check power supply before getting quotes from caterers. Some may be completely self-sufficient whilst some may require substantial amounts of electricity to power their cooking equipment, neon lights, smoke machine etc! Their requirements may determine the need for, or size of, generator hired for your event. A lot of street food caterers can supply their own generator if necessary (though check it isn't one of those huge extra noisy ones, you don't want it drowning out your music!).
  3. How many portions do you realistically need? This is a difficult one to gauge as you often don't know exactly how many people are going to be in attendance and how hungry they will be! The last thing you want to happen is for your guests to be hungry (cue drunken brawls) but equally you don't want to be paying for food that doesn't get eaten. Our suggestion would be to order 1 portion per expected guest then try to arrange a deal whereby any additional portions requested by guests are invoiced post-event. This way, those guests who have worked up a real appetite won't be disappointed.
  4. Are those guests with dietary requirements catered for? More and more people now are turning gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free (amongst a raft of others) so you need to be prepared and keep everyone satisfied. Make sure you have options for these increasingly common dietary requirements. We generally go with 10% vegan/veggie unless told otherwise.
  5. What timings would you need food served? This is often something not considered but it is really useful for caterers to know the exact times for which you would like food served from and to. This insures they have everything ready to go in time as well as limiting the amount of 'standing-around' time. Often 2-3 hours is the standard serving period. Make sure you check how long they need to set-up and schedule this in!

Hopefully these few little tips will help you arrange the catering without any hiccups. Most street food caterers have a whole heap of experience doing these sort of events and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. This includes us! So feel free to drop us a message if there is something you are pondering.

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