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5 often forgotten festival essentials

Top tips on what to pack for your fav festival this summer

Ok, so flower headband and polka dot wellies packed, but there are a few things people often forget when getting ready for the upcoming festival season. Here's ChilliDogs' top 5 things not to forget this summer that probably aren't top of your list! 

  1. Black bags – SO many uses but particularly handy for using as a make-shift rug as well as a poncho for the obligatory down pour.
  2. Loo roll – a highly valued commodity at festivals – guard yours carefully!
  3. Dry shampoo – embrace the grime but don’t end up looking like you’ve stuck your head in fryer with a little 'dusting' of dry shampoo.
  4. Paracetamol – just on the off-chance you may need a little pain relief….
  5. Wad of Cash! – all those mojitos and chilli cheese dogs add up and cash machines in the middle of a field don’t come from free!

Things to leave at home: umbrellas, designer sunglasses, your OCD ​

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