Dan and Steph Ley Co-founders of ChilliDogs


ChilliDogs was born in 2013 from a love of good food and a growing loathing of being a kitchen-slave!

It started with Dan's chilli con carne he was infamous for making whenever friends came round for dinner. Soon moving on from 'pots-o-chilli' and finally deciding on the perfect sausage, our take on the chilli dog was born.

Steph, his now wife who had been working in events, soon came on board and they both cut their teeth on the festival scene. From V Festival and 2000trees to F1 Silverstone and NFL Twickenham, we've taken our dogs all over the country pleasing crowds of hungry party-goers.

We now use our complimentary skills & experience in the hospitality industry, along with our fab team, to delight event guests, one dog at a time.

We both love trying new food and making people happy!

People's Choice Award at the London Chilli Cook-Off!

Our slow-cooked grass-fed beef chilli con carne won the People's Choice award at the London Chilli Cook-Off! Psst, we only use real Mexican chillies to give a rich, deep smoky flavour.


  • Back story: Dan's worked as a chef for over 10 years in a range of restaurants including Michelin star kitchens under the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Daniel Galmiche. Despite his time in high-end kitchens, Dan prefers a more casual, honest style of cooking and is more likely to be found behind a smoker than a pass.

  • Role: Chef, menu developer, general problem solver and fixer.

  • Loves: Big hunks of meat, the thrill of the grill,  re-wiring things. 

Dan ChilliDogs Cooking sausages black and white.jpg


  • Back story: Steph worked in events, largely in the charity sector, managing events large and small, from gala balls to sporting events. She is also a trained nutritionist and tries hard to push for veggies to be a feature in Dan's creations!

  • Role: Event bookings, marketing, finance, HR and anything else that involves emails or the phone. She'll be your contact from the ideas to the wrap-up stagel

  • Loves: Pineapples, yoga (mainly savasana!), taste testing new recipes 

Steph Ley Director ChilliDogs
Team ChilliDogs!


We want to run a business we are proud of.


This means running a business we would want to book ourselves.


This means running a business that has a positive impact on the people and environment it comes into contact with.

All our hot dogs are from sustainable high-welfare British farms, we only use 100% compostable packaging and all our cutlery and napkins are made from recycled materials. No single-use plastic around here! 

The energy we use comes from green and renewable sources where possible, and our food van is powered by the sun.


We aim for a zero waste policy, re-using leftovers such as bread rolls for breadcrumbs for our katsu chicken.

All our suppliers have been handpicked based on quality, independence and          like-mindedness. Our team are treated as part of the family and share in our success.

We don't compromise on quality in any part of what we do, from the service we provide to the suppliers we use. We believe what you put in, really is what you get out.